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Four peas in a pod earrings [made to order]

Four peas in a pod earrings [made to order]

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Pea color

Four peas in a pod jewelry is a great gift to celebrate those closest to you. Whether your best friends, siblings, kids, quadruplets, family, or grand kids - These 4 peas in a pod earrings are a beautiful representation of the unique bond that connects four people.

Choose the "peas" that suit you best:

- Green pearls
- White pearls
- Bronze pearls
- Green mother-of-pearl

The "peas" are encapsulated in a sterling silver wire pea pod.
- The earrings hooks are sterling silver
- 2.25" long including ear hook.

About Pea pod Jewelry:

Pea pod jewelry is such a great gift for Mother's Day or birthday gift for a wife, mom, or grandmother, as it symbolizes the strong bond between a mother and her (grand)children. It's also a great gift for new moms, as it represents the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

"Four peas in a pod" is used to symbolize a close relationship between four people who share a family bond, deep connection, and similar interests, such as a group of best friends, siblings, quadruplets, grandchildren or colleagues who work together effectively.

The design is simple, elegant, and can be customized to represent each child, making it a unique and meaningful gift. So whether you're looking for a gift for a new mom, a family with multiples, a sister, someone special in your life, or yourself, pea pod jewelry is a thoughtful necklace, earring or bracelet jewelry gift.

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